Heuer 1550SG LUFTFORSVARET


      First of all, sorry for not writing in German and I hope its ok.

      Here in Norway we are some collectors that are trying to find out more about the Norwegian issued Heuer 1550 SG LUFTFORSVARET. So far I have a list of 31 ex watches. I have collected serial numbers and pictures of the watches and are trying to figure out more of the clouded history behind this watch. There is close to nothing to find in the Air Force, but after talking to more that 50 crew members flying in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, some info have become useful. At the moment I am looking at the engravings on the case back and are hoping it can tell us something about when the watches was acquired and eventually the estimated numbers purchased in the 1970s. Some watches have matching serial numbers from between the lugs and on the case back. It seems like the engravings on the case back includes the numbers between the lugs and the year it was issued in Norway. Like S/N 9245/74(picture on OnTheDash). Due to military service on this watches, some of them don´t have matching numbers between the lugs and the case back. However the list have given us an indication on witch serial numbers was issued witch year. For example I see that the earliest snr I have found is 6579/72(from Instagram) and all models in 1972, 73 and 74 have a four digit snr between the lugs. We have no record of watches from 1975, but in 1976 they came with six digit snr. The six digits goes through 1976, 77 and 78. The last recorded snr we have ends in 1978. The Heuer was issued to pilots of F-104 Starfighter, F-5 Freedomfighter, Bell 2-12 og Sea King Mk 43. Some navigators on Sea King, P3 Orion and C-130 also had the watch issued. In late 1979 and early 1980 the Heuer was phased out and replaced by quartz Junghans 633.60. The Heuer was still circulating with the crews, but was slowly returned back to the rescue equipment facility, along with flight suits, helmets and g-trousers. To find more/new watches to collect serial numbers requires time and patience. I believe we will find more of this in Norway, but there might be some challenge to find the watches belonging to international owners. The serial numbers I have collected will not be used public with out the owners permission, and if so I will censor last digit in snr. Do any of you have channels to find such information or are you a lucky owner?
      Best regards
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