Old Hanhart watch : who is she ?

  • Hi guys,

    I found a old german HANHART in the closet of my grand-uncle who died in january. This watch probably landed here in 1945 when he came back in France from Germany after being engaged. This will be the only reason he could have this watch...

    The lady is working, maybe being used long time ago as I can notice micro-scratches around the crown. I will give her a second life when the watchmaker will reopen after this3rd lockdown

    My question is, does someone can guess the age of the watch ? Do you have any intel about this model ? I asked to the brand, they don't have any intel to share...

    Back of the watch indicate in german : "BODEN EDELSTAHL - WATZ GOLD DOUBLE 20 MIKRON - ANTI MAGNETISCH"


    Thank you beforehand for your help,


  • Welcome to VT,

    nice Hanhart dress watch. It shoud be dated into the late 30ies and early 40ies. Unfortunely we do not have any catalogues from that time. Keep the old glass with the nice yellow patina. It looks great. I suspect an old "baguette" movement inside in rectangular shape.

    Kind regards


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