Gold plated early Hanhart with pointer bezel

  • Walter

    Thank you - I agree that the font of the numbers looks different to the standard but the Wassergeshultzt Stossfest (barely legible) looks correct.

    Yes the gold plating would have been applied after leaving Hanhart but very close to the time of production.

  • I picked up this Hanhart Cal.40 with pointer bezel earlier this year.

    The watch was sent straight from the auction house to my watchmaker for restoration.

    I got a call when the watch had arrived to be told that the case was actually gold plated and in his opinion was from the time of production and not something done at a later date.

    Konrad has confirmed examples of solid gold Glashutte chronographs that were issued to high ranking military members but I have not come across any plated examples.

    I was wondering if this is something any members here have ever seen before?
    I have asked the watchmaker to leave the case as it is rather than remove it.

    Many thanks


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