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  • Hello, I'm waiting some news within this week.......I hope !

    • I hear the first are being sold on to the US and other places - a well known dealer will soon list one. Shame we couldn't get there first

  • Roberto, how is the search going?

  • Oh, i meant I could also ask a friend who served. But if you are tracking it down, ill wait.

  • I am in contact with this friend and I hope to have news about the watches.

  • Roberto, is it worth me asking an Italian army friend for help?

  • like a treasure hunt

  • Grazie Mille- it is very very interesting! After all that would double the numbers! Have you seen any pictures of the watches before the sale?

  • I wanted to ask Roberto, what the status was with the auction of the 817s? Really appreciate any update you may have.